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Sunday Family Service & Remembrance Day

Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Rev. Bert Sumikawa. Rev. Sumikawa shared various ways superstition enters our lives and the difference between it and the true nature of cause-and-effect. For example, in Japan, a male’s 42nd birthday is considered unlucky because the numbers (“4” and “2”) translate into “shi” and “ni,” or death. A yakudoshi party is thrown before the male’s 41st birthday to ward off bad luck. Another example, in the U.S., the number 13 is considered unlucky, so much so that many hotels skip the 13th floor and go from 12 to 14 instead.

We also held our monthly Remembrance Day, where families remembered and offered incense for family, friends, pets, and others who passed away in the month of June.

Sunday Family Service

For today’s Dharma Talk, Prudence Kusano shared two ways the teachings of the Dharma have affected her life. The first was encouraging her to continuously learn and the second was gratitude.

Prudence also shared a brief history of Father’s Day and how it came to be that we celebrate it nationally and internationally on the third Sunday of June, and we had apples for all the fathers and grandfathers in attendance.

Sunday Family Service

At today’s Family Service, Shirley Yanagisawa’s Dharma Talk was about the interdependence of all life. Shirley shared examples from her recent trip to Japan to visit extended family members and brought a few chrysalis that started as caterpillars in her yard and will eventually turn into monarch butterflies.

Sunday Family Service

Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Rev. Bert Sumikawa. Rev. Sumikawa described two types of Buddhism. The first one is based on learning the concepts and theories of Buddhism. It’s around studying the teachings objectively. With the second one, Buddhism is about experiencing the teachings subjectively. One’s self is challenged and negated. This is what Shin Buddhists refer to as shinjin.

To put it another way, the first type is like becoming an expert on food by collecting a library of recipes, while the second is about actually preparing those dishes and tasting them.

We celebrated our June birthdays today. Happy birthday Cynthia and Ron!

Sunday Family Service & Remembrance Day

Dr. Michael Jaffe gave today’s Dharma Talk on suffering, both from a Buddhist perspective as well as from a medical standpoint. Dr. Jaffe specializes in pain management and he shared how both Buddhism and medical science can interact in managing suffering.

Gotan-e Service

At today’s Gotan-e and Family Service, our guest minister was Rev. Satoshi Tomioka who currently is serving as minister of Puna, Pahala and Naalehu Hongwanji Missions on Hawaii island. Gotan-e is to celebrate the birth of Shinran Shonin the founder of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. In his message, Rev. Tomioka said that we must remember Amida Buddha’s compassion and that he embraces each of us just as we are.

Sunday Family Service

For today’s family service, Rev. Sumikawa started by sharing a story, Can I Play Too? by Mo Williams. As today was Mother’s Day, Rev. Sumikawa’s Dharma Talk was about mothers and their unconditional love.

The Dharma School students made flower arrangements using mini vases donated by Irene Nakamoto. After the service, every mother and grandmother were given an arrangement. We also celebrated May birthdays with cupcakes.

Earth Day & Remembrance Day Service


Today was our Earth Day service, with a Dharma Talk by Rev. Bert Sumikawa. Earlier in the morning, before service, the Dharma School held a beach cleanup activity at Kailua Beach.  

Eshinni / Kakushinni Day Service with Guest Speaker Mernie Miyasato-Crawford

The guest speaker for our Eshinni / Kakushinni Day service was Mercie Miyasato-Crawford, a fourth-generation Jikoen Hongwanji member and vice-chair of Project Dana. Mernie shared her reflections on what it means to be, in this life, a Buddhist woman.

Buddha Day (Hanamatsuri) Service with Guest Speaker Rev. Kazunori Takahashi

Our guest speaker for our Buddha Day Service was Rev. Kazunori Takahashi. Rev. Takahashi is the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii’s Executive Assistant to Bishop Eric Matsumoto, and has has served at Honpa Hongwanji Hilo Betsuin, Kapaa Hongwanji Mission and Lihue Hongwanji Mission.

The hanamido was decorated using donated flowers the day prior temple volunteers. During the service, members and guests poured sweet tea on the statue of the baby Buddha, representing the gentle rain that fell on Lumbini Garden.

We were also fortunate to have Shakuhachi musician Katsumi in attendence, who accompanied Joy, our piano player.

The hanamido, or flower shrine, and the baby Buddha. Members poured sweet tea on the baby Buddha.

We celebrated April birthdays. Happy birthday Prudence, George, and Shirley!