Family Promise: July 2016

Mahalo to our Kailua Hongwanji Ohana volunteers who helped to make our participation in Family Promise May 29 – June 5 at the Betsuin a very successful and rewarding dana activity. Volunteers helped to set up the sleep area for our guests, prepare the meals, socialize with the families, sleepover, take down the sleep area and do the laundry. Thank you to Amy Eggers, Pauline and Richard Horita, Amy and Roy Inouye, Janet and Keiji Kukino, Prudence and Allen Kusano, Cynthia and Roy Miyamoto, Rev. David and Irene Nakamoto, Bob Nishita, Gerry and Stephen Ochikubo, Dennis Tashiro, and Ron Yanagisawa.

Your kokua is sincerely and gratefully appreciated!! Our ohana always comes through. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shirley Yanagisawa