Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!


I am again honored to serve as your President for a second year. I look back on 2018 and am grateful for the support I received from the Sangha as we worked together to create a place where we can not only learn but to practice the Dharma.

Some of the changes that occurred last year include changes in the altar. The Buddha’s statue graced by the scrolls of Shinran Shonin and Rennyo Shonin now fills our main altar. The photo and writing of the new Gomonshu are hanging in the main hall. The beautiful altar cloth is used at all of the major services.

Reverend Sumikawa has office hours on Saturday and Mondays. In addition, he has started early Saturday morning chanting and walking meditation on Monday evenings. Several people interested in learning Buddhism have participated in these activities.

I believe that our members find support from one other as we gather after each service to enjoy refreshment that fellow members have prepared. I am grateful for the many members who work “behind the scenes” such as the temple grounds maintenance crew, the newsletter editor, those who change the weekly service program, the team leaders of the temple prep teams, to name a few. There are many others who volunteer to fill various needs for Sunday service. To all of these members, thank you. To all of you who attend Sunday services and other temple sponsored activities, thank you. Without you we will not have the third Treasure: The Sangha.

We begin to use our new name Windward Buddhist Temple this year. With this change our community expands to include the other Windward communities and we need to find ways to spread the Dharma to those communities.

I am grateful for what we have accomplished this past year to share the Dharma through our services and programs. I look forward to work with the Board of Directors to find more ways to meet the spiritual needs of the members and the community.

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Safe and Peaceful New Year.

In Gassho,

Prudence Kusano

Windward Buddhist Temple