Spring Ohigan Service

Rev. Bert Sumikawa, resident minister of Moiliili Hongwanji, was the guest speaker for our Spring Ohigan service. We observe Ohigan twice a year - the Spring and Autumn equinox - when the hours of the day and night are equal. 

Rev. Bert Sumikawa

Our guest speaker on March 19, 2017 for Ohigan Service is Rev. Bert Sumikawa. Rev. Bert is a “Kailua boy”. He is the son of a grocer and attended Kailua Elementary & Intermediate School before attending Roosevelt High School and graduating from Iolani School. Rev. Bert received his B.S. degree from Marquette University, majoring in Zoology and minoring in Theology and Philosophy. He then graduated from Marquette with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After a 2 yearresidency at the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital, he returned home to practice pediatric dentistry.

A former Christian, Rev. Bert returned to his Buddhist roots and pursued and received Tokudo (minor ordination) in 2007 whereupon he was assigned briefly to Kailua Hongwanji followed by a stint at the Kapolei Buddhist Sangha. After receiving Kyoshi and Kaikyoshi (full ministerial ordination) in 2010, Rev. Bert served as Interim Minister at Moiliili Hongwanji, followed by assignment as an Associate Minister at the Betsuin. He is currently back at Moiliili Hongwanji as their Resident Minister and has been for the last 3+ years.

Some of you may know that Rev. Bert is the brother of longtime Kailua Hongwanji member Wallace Sumikawa who passed away last year.