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Sunday Family Service & Dharma School

We were joined today by Cub Scouts of St. Anthony’s School Pack 223, who attended our Sunday Service and Dharma School. They read the story, Stone Soup, learned about interdependence, and took part in a fun physical challenge to untangle themselves through the use of good communication (and the help of some of the adults).

Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Rev. Sumikawa, who shared the principle of dependent arising. Dependent arising, or dependent origination, can refer to the cycle of rebirth in Buddhist teachings, as well as things depending on causes and conditions.

Dharma School

Sunday Family Service & Dharma School

September marks the end of summer. It’s an exciting time, as it means the start of a new school year for the kids and the beginning of new seasons for UH football and volleyball. Dennis Tashiro shared his thoughts in today’s Dharma Talk.

So let’s leave Summer behind and move forward by —
Rededicating ourselves to listen to the Dharma
Accepting things and people as they are
Using the right words and actions
Walking in Peace

WBT Dharma School

As mentioned in this month’s newsletter, today marked the start of a new Dharma School year. Dharma School is held on the second Sunday of the month from September to July. Dharma School teachers Kathi & Annette taught today’s lesson on interdependence.

Dharma School participation is not limited to temple members and their families. We welcome any and all keiki interested in learning the Buddha’s teachings!

Dharma School: Earth Day Kailua Beach Clean Up


Our Dharma School students held an Earth Day beach cleanup activity at Kailua Beach before the Earth Day & Remembrance Day service. The kids, families and friends met at the Kailua beach at 7:30 am. After a brief service led by Rev. Bert Sumikawa, about 16 participants went about picking up buckets of trash. It was a great way to appreciate and protect our environment and potentially save ocean creatures and animals.