Sunday Family Service (Earth Day)

We celebrated Earth Day at our April 30 Sunday Family Service. Rev. Umitani's Dharma Talk was about symbiotic relationships, such as that of the Nile crocodile and the Egyptian Plover, and shared the Hongwanji Legislative Assembly's "Green Hongwanji" proclamation. At the 2017 Legislative Assembly, all temples were asked to complete the first Green Hongwanji Survey

As part of the effort to be more green, members are being asked to bring reusable utensils for refreshments after the Sunday service instead of throwing away plastic forks and paper cups. Reusable bamboo chopsticks and utensil sets were on sale, as well as uniquely decorated nail polish art mugs.

In addition, Prudence prepared a spray bottle for each family to take home with an Earth-friendly all-purpose household cleaner made without chemicals.