Sunday Family Service

Rev. Bert Sumikawa gave the Dharma Message at our Sunday Family Service. We learned how geese support each other when they fly in a V formation. 

  • Behind the leader, each goose provides additional lift to the one flying behind it

  • The goose in the front, who doesn't get the benefit of reduced air resistance, expends the most energy as the leader of the formation.

  • When the lead goose becomes tired, it falls back and another steps in seemlessly as the leader.

  • Geese constantly honk at each other, encouraging those flying in front.

  • If a goose in formation becomes unable to continue, it falls out of formation. But it doesn't do so alone. A couple others will accompany the injured goose until it's able to return or dies.

Geese are able to fly farther because of their ability to work as a team. Like geese, our church depends on members working together and supporting each other. 

After the service, we said aloha and best wishes to Amy Eggers and her family, as they embark on a new adventure in California.