Battleship Missouri Memorial Visit

On January 28, 2018, Kailua Hongwanji visited the Battleship Missouri Memorial. Organized by the KHBWA, the tour included temple members and families. We learned about the rich history of the battleship that played an important role in World War II.

Neil and Jack were our very knowledgeable guides for the tour, recounting the history of the Missouri and the end of World War II on the Surrender Deck.

We learned about the kamikaze pilot who crashed into the starboard side of the Missouri and the compassionate actions of Captain Callaghan, who ordered an honorable burial at sea for the enemy pilot whose body was found amid the wreckage.

The Kamikaze exhibit, gave us a glimpse into the lives of the kamikaze pilots.

After a bento lunch in the mess hall, we toured the kitchen and living quarters beneath the deck.

Boarding the bus back to Kailua