First Sunday Family Service with Guest Speaker Dexter Mar

Dexter Mar was our guest speaker at today's First Sunday Family Service at Kailua Hongwanji. Dr. Mar is a Hawaii Betsuin Certified Ministers’ Lay Assistant who serves the Betsuin temple and Honpa Hongwanji of Hawaii buddhist temples with buddhist education programs through the Buddhist Study Center. Mahalo Dr. Mar for your informational and inspirational talk! Dr. Mar's Dharma Talk, "Experiences Along the White Path," can be replayed below.

Families participated in several First Sunday activities. Upon entering the temple, everyone wrote down something that they were thankful for on an assortment of leaves. The leaves were hung from our Thankful Tree and is currently on display in the temple. The second activity was making paper-bag turkeys, which were stuffed with popcorn.

Finally, the children and several of the most senior attendees planted amaryllis bulbs. The bulbs will be kept at the church and will hopefully bloom over the next several weeks, just in time to be taken home for the holiday season.