Obon & Hatsubon Service

We held our annual Obon and Hatsubon service to remember those who came before us. The Hatsubon service marks the first Obon Service for those who passed away in the last year. Obon and Hatsubon families were called up to offer incense while Rev. Sumikawa chanted a sutra. After the offering, Rev. Sumikawa gave a special Obon Dharma Talk, which can be viewed below.

Our July birthdays

Our July birthdays

Bon Dance 2019: Building the Yagura


Mahalo to the friends, family, and members who came out to build the yagura in preparation for our Bon Dance on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Obon/Hatsubon & Remembrance Day Service

We held our Obon, Hatsubon, and Remembrance Day service, remembering and honoring those who passed before us. For Hatsubon, the names of the members who passed in the last year were called and family members offered incense. That was followed by our Remembrance Day calling of names of those who passed in July or August of any year.

In his Obon Dharma Message, Rev. Sumikawa spoke of the history of Obon in the Jodo Shinshu tradition. Obon is a festival of memories and joy. We gather in joy, remembering all of our ancestors, without whom each of us would not exist.

If you go back 10 generations, you have 1,024 direct ancestors. Going back 20 generations, that's over 10.2 million direct ancestors. If any one of those individuals were missing, you would not exist. 

Kailua Hongwanji's Obon is on Saturday, July 28. There will be no service on July 29 (Bon Dance clean up), no services in August (summer break), and no service on September 2. Our next Family Service will be on Sunday, September 9, 2018. 

Obon 2018: Building the Yagura

Ikebana Display at Bon Dance 2017

A few of the Ohara School of Ikebana arrangements that were on display a few weekends ago at our Bon Dance.

Bon Dance 2017

Hundreds came together to eat, dance, and remember those who've passed before us at Kailua Honganji's Bon Dance on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

Food Booth

Jr. YBA's shave ice booth proved popular on a warm summer night.

Hastubon Service

We held our Hatsubon Service today, remembering those who passed before us and those in particular who passed since last year's obon. Families of those who passed in the last year were called individually to offer incense. 

Rev. Umitani gave the Dharma Talk, focusing on the hatsu ("first") portion. The left side of the kanji character for hatsu represents clothes and the right side is a sword. To make clothes, one must first cut the cloth.

Bon Dance: Building the Yagura

Members and friends of Kailua Hongwanji assembled the yagura (the musicians' stand) and strung the lights in preparation for our 2017 Bon Dance on July 22. 

Kailua Hongwanji Bon Dance is on Saturday, July 22nd.