Sunday Family Service

Rev. Sumikawa’s Dharma Talk asked the question, “Are Shakyamuni & Shinran’s Teachings the Same?”

We often focus only on Shinran’s (the founder of Jodo Shinshu) teachings. We need to remember that the true founder of Buddhism is Shakyamuni. Although Shinran used terms such as Amida, Pure Land and Nembutsu, Shakyamuni never did. Terminology may be different, but the essence of the teachings are the same. They obtained the same awakening – Shakyamuni: Bodhi and Shinran – Shinjin. They both said that “life is suffering and we need to understand this.” Their universal message was the liberation from suffering.

Scholars agree: Shakyamuni & Shinran had the same teaching – one authentic awakening by experience. They attained it and taught it.