KHBWA: July 2016

The HHMH Hawaii Federation of Buddhist Women’s Assn. extends an invitation to women, ages 17-23 years old, to Japan in the late July to early August in 2017. The purpose of this program is to send 2 delegates to Japan as “exchange students” in accordance with a resolution adopted during the 3rd World Buddhist Women’s Convention in June 1967 “as means of nurturing future leaders for Jodo Shinshu Women’s activities through exposure to Buddhist culture in Japan, oriental culture and youth movement and as a mission of good will.”

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BWA members are preparing for the upcoming bon dance where they will have a table selling manju and gift items. They are also involved in various capacity from helping with preparations for the food concession to donating food items to feed the bon dance performing groups and temple members after the bon dance is over. 

Joy Nishida