Buddha Day (Hanamatsuri) Service

We celebrated Buddha Day, or Hanamatsuri, at our April 9th Sunday Family service at Kailua Hongwanji. Hanamatsuri occurs on April 8 and marks the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha around 2,500 years ago. It is said that sweet rain fell when he was born, so sweet tea was poured over the statue of baby Buddha. The hanamido was decorated by KHBWA the day before.

Rev. Umitani gave today's Hanamatsuri Dharma Talk, showing us how distance challenges our relationships (left side, with "me" in the center) and how the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha connect to ease those challanges (right side).

We also had a birthday in our Sangha to celebrate. Happy birthday Monte!

Rev. Umitani introduced has family. From left to right, his daughters Riho and Naho, and his wife Yoshiko. Eldest daughter Naho was born while Rev. Umitani was serving as Kailua Hongwanji's resident minister.