Sunday Family Service & Remembrance Day


Today’s Dharma Talk was given by Jennifer Kane. For this month’s Remembrance Day, Shirley read the names of family and friends who passed away during the month of September.

Jennifer shared about her life growing up. She remembers that at a young age she argued with her Mother, saying “I’m Japanese” and her Mom said, “no you’re not, you are Jewish and Hawaiian.” Jennifer then replied, “Nope. I know that I am Japanese.” She had Japanese neighbors with a young daughter who was the same age as Jennifer. They played together often and were good friends through their early years.

Jennifer also shared about how she became interested in Buddhism and what led her to become a Windward Buddhist Temple “Sangha family” member. She said that during Oshoko, a “deep sense of love and belonging seems to swirl around with the incense - and this always brings me home.”

Jennifer concluded her message by saying “I can confidently say Namo Amida Butsu and feel great comfort in knowing that it’s not just me saying something but something comes back to me and to everyone.” “It’s not just me calling to Amida Buddha – it’s Amida Buddha calling to me.”