Dennis Tashiro

First Sunday Family Service

For today’s Dharma Talk, Dennis discussed symbolism in both everyday situations, such as emojis, and in national icons, such as the Statue of Liberty. Did you notice that the Statue of Liberty is taking a step forward?

One of today’s First Sunday’s activities had to do with Indra’s net, and Dennis shared the symbolism around the interconnected jewels that we attached to the image of the world as we entered the temple. Our second activity was a Valentine’s Day craft, which both the kids and the adults enjoyed.

Celebrating February Birthdays

First Sunday Activities

Sunday Family Service

Dennis Tashiro gave today’s Dharma Talk, sharing how he finds inner peace.

Peace begins with me.

I try to achieve my inner peace and tranquility

…By doing regular and frequent activities

…By assessing my activities and eliminating those that create stress and anxiety

…By being positive while doing the activities and

Being aware of limitations - of mine especially and others, and

Being appreciative of efforts used to do the activities - my own and particularly of others

Another way Dennis finds inner peace is through music, and he shared several video clips from the recent 2018 Choralfest. Dennis was one of several Kailua Hongwanji members who participated in this year’s Choralfest at Hawaii Betsuin in September.