Joy Nishida

Sunday Family Service & Remembrance Day

In our final Sunday Family Service before our summer break, Joy shared a Dharma Talk on the “JOY of Chanting and Music in Shin Buddhism.” Joy shared how chanting and music have an important role in Shin Buddhism, particularly when done as part of a group.

Joy shared a couple of gathas that we may be singing in future Family Services, including “Life in Harmony,” a new gatha composed by BJ Soriano that will be featured at the 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention in San Francisco in September.

Today was also our Remembrance Day for those who passed in the month of July. There are no Family Services during the month of August. Our next Family Service will be on Sunday, September 1.

Sunday Family Service

“Don’t Be Afraid to Release GAS!” was the title of Joy’s Dharma Talk. Joy shared ways to relieve GAS (Greed, Anger, Stupidity/Ignorance) and engaged the audience in several activities including writing down things that make us “GAS-y” and placing them under the appropriate Eighthfold path that were posted around the room.

First Sunday Family Service

Joy kicked off her Dharma Talk about interconnectedness by leading the congregation in the Baby Shark Dance, the YouTube phenomenon with over 1.7 billion views. She closed with the question, “Can you imagine if Buddhism spread like Baby Shark did?”

For our First Sunday family activities, we made paper-strip pumpkins and mixed up a batch of colorful slime.