Eitaikyo Service with Guest Speaker Rev. Alan Urasaki

We held our Eitaikyo service today, a special service where we remember all the members who have come before us and their many contributions that have allowed us to continue spreading the dharma today.

Our guest speaker was Rev. Alan Urasaki. Rev. Urasaki is the Supervisory Chaplain at the Federal Detention Center. When he joined the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 2002, he was the first Buddhist chaplain in the Federal Prison system.

Click below to watch the complete Eitaikyo service on our YouTube channel.


Rededication & First Sunday Family Service

Our first Family Service since our summer break was also our Rededication Service. Rev. David Nakamoto gave today's Rededication Dharma Talk and reflected on his conversations with the late Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom, who recently passed away

Being that it was also our First Sunday Family Service, children and adults alike participated in two fun craft activities after the service: making peace bracelets in celebration of Peace Day later this month, as well as coloring paper dolls. The dolls are on display in the church.

The new uchishiki (altar cloth) donated by the Kailua Hongwanji Buddhist Women's Association (KHBWA) was on display on the alter. Rev. Umitani helped to order and pick up the uchishiki on one of his trips to Japan.

International Peace Day is on September 21, 2017

International Peace Day is on September 21, 2017